These days, it seems that everything and everyone is going mobile. Even our business’ security systems are taking advantage of remotely managed and monitored video with the rise of more intuitive, user-friendly apps and mobile functionality. Your Managed IT Services Provider Can Customize Your Remote Security System to Fit Your Business’ Needs With your managed […]

If your small business is to survive its infancy, the biggest favor you can do yourself is to plan ahead. Just as planning pertains to your financing and business model, making the right technology investments will help ensure that you’re in a good position to scale your operations. By opting for solutions that both fit […]

Small Biz Spends an Average $21K on Attacks and More Than 50% Will Fall Victim to a Breach Cybersecurity trend reports are useful and informative for the technically minded, but sometimes small business owners just want to know how they can protect their business from threats without having to weed through page after page of […]

Microsoft’s Cloud Partners Offer the Expertise of an In-House IT Team, Advanced IT Security and Cost-Effective ROI Many small and midsize businesses want to make the leap to the cloud, but they aren’t sure how to make it happen safely and securely. Fortunately, Microsoft offers an extensive network of dedicated Microsoft Partners that can help […]

As a business owner, you are likely looking for ways to streamline your operations and improve your customer service. That’s easier to do when you have ample resources at hand to help you with the process. The good news is the internet offers numerous tools and resources that can help business owners better meet their […]

Although it may not receive the press coverage it did a decade ago, email remains a potent advertising tool. Businesses of every size successfully use it to boost sales throughout the year. You can maximize the results by following these tips: Gaining Subscribers 1. Think about holding a contest with a prize that would appeal […]

First-generation tech isn’t always as impressive as we expect it to be, but it can progress quickly. That is likely to be the case with the recently-released Facebook chatbots that users can access via Facebook Messenger. The chatting functionality was released in April 2016 and already boasts over 11,000 bots ready and willing to answer […]

It has become something of a cottage industry to report on the “leaked” details of any upcoming iPhone release. Whether intentional or not, the recent iPhone 7 leaks provide a useful preview of Apple’s latest output, which at least makes the speculation a little more solid. Here is what we have learned so far about […]

How an SMB can make the most of its IT budget Given the smaller budgets that SMBs have to work with, they need to make sure that every cent is used effectively. Thankfully, we’re going to cover some of the ways an SMB can squeeze the most out of its budget in regards to security […]

In Johnstown, NY, Community Health Center serves as a non-for-profit home healthcare agency founded as a result of a joint venture between St. Mary’s Healthcare of Amsterdam and Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home Inc. of Gloversville. The two hospitals recognized the need to provide quality health care in home of patients and residents of […]