Using Microsoft Office 365 to Cut Costs, Boost Productivity and Stay Ahead of the Competition

We’ve all heard about the cloud, but it’s quite confusing as there’s a wide range of cloud services available. The cloud is, above all else, an innovative way to get more done throughout the workday. How does the cloud help you and your staff members get more done? The cloud streamlines workflow – allowing anytime, anywhere access to data and applications from any device or location.

The Data Center offers Microsoft Office 365 – helping you move your company into the cloud for easy access to files, emails, and other important information. Call (518) 459-DATA (3282) or send us an email: to learn more. 

You’re likely already using Microsoft Office throughout the workday – the suite of productivity tools, including Outlook, Word, and Excel, allow you to complete tasks and stay in contact with those important to you. Microsoft Office 365 gives you access to the entire suite of productivity tools – from any device, all year round via any location.

How do you benefit from moving to Microsoft Office 365? There are a few ways:

  • Easier access to important information: Your contacts, files, emails, and calendars will be accessible from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Simplified ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, customers, and partners as you’re able to share files from any device or location.
  • More scalable to suit your unique needs as your subscription allows you to pay only for the size and scope of service required.
  • Comprehensive security for sensitive data through built-in, advanced security features that safeguard all sensitive information against unauthorized access.
  • Reliable business continuity to prevent downtime as a result of the guaranteed 99.9% uptime and built-in disaster recovery features designed to keep you up and running.

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