As the president and CEO of PNJ Technology Partners (founded 1984), I recognized in 2011 that the cloud is so important that it wasn’t enough to just offer new services. We had to start a whole new company that’s sole purpose is to provide Albany businesses with the very best that the cloud has to offer, leveraging the relationships we’ve made over the past three decades at P&J Computers to provide our clients with cloud solutions that best meet their needs.

I’m excited about the future of the cloud. The present benefits of cloud computing are obvious: It allows us to provide our clients with peace of mind. They know their data is protected, no matter what happens. It also allows our clients to mobilize their workforce, boost productivity, and improve their bottom line. I can’t wait to see what comes next, and we’re always researching the latest cloud technologies and benchmarking them to our current offerings to continue to improve our services and capabilities.

We listen to our clients. We regularly sit down with their management teams to make sure we’re always up to date with their ever-changing budget and needs so that the cloud solutions we provide are always in-line with their business goals. And we don’t try to lock our clients into long-term contracts. Once our clients experience the level of service, the quality of care, the incredible amount of experience (30+ years overall) that we’re able to provide, we find that we don’t need to use any cheap tricks to keep them around.

When you work with The Data Center, you’re not working with just another service provider. You’re working with a partner you can trust is always putting your needs first. We’re not satisfied unless you’re completely happy.







Scott Joralemon
The Data Center