If your IT security plan doesn’t include employee mobile device security, then you are opening yourself up to potentially costly liabilities. This is especially true for larger corporations, but any company can be affected by data loss or security breach caused by an ex-employee absconding with company property (smartphones, iPads, and other mobile devices). Make […]

Smartphone users are to top the 2 billion mark in 2016. This is close to one-third of the world’s population regularly sending and receiving sensitive and potentially costly information! For LLCs, SMEs and large corporations, this prospect puts their compliance adherence at greater risk. But, many of these mobile device users are at great risk […]

Society is reaching a high watermark in terms of mobile device usage, with 1.75 billion smartphone users worldwide as of 2014. With so many people using devices that regularly store and send personally-identifying information, the smartphone “craze” has but too few pondering mobile device security. Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is provided by IT services […]

It’s not as simple as it sounds when it comes to replacing or even updating U.S. Government technology. What most people don’t realize is that this market is a flow down environment very much like a network connecting to sectors with encrypted limits to access. There was a time when the government set the scales […]

Approximately 76 percent of small business owners report facing marketing challenges that prevent them from growing their business. Information technology solutions can improve SMB marketing means and return on investment. Yet the landscape can seem cluttered with options, intimidating the SMB owner out of selecting the right marketing software. Learn about common IT solutions for […]