When tragedy strikes, it can briefly bring people closer together. If something dramatic takes place, minor disagreements may go on the back burner, either at a local level or even an international level. For instance, terrorist attacks in other parts of the world draw sympathy and foreign aid. Domestic attacks, such as the September 11 […]

Your IT guy or gal is likely overworked, under tremendous stress, and pulled in multiple directions day to day and hour to hour. The typical IT shop is expected to be a one-size-fits-all collection of experts. Those IT staff members are responsible for making sure that dozens, hundreds or even thousands of devices are kept […]

“In 2015, (the FBI) received over 8,000 complaints related to these threats with a combined reported loss of nearly $275 million.” — FBI 2015 Internet Crime Report Cybercrime is on the rise again. In the three-year span from 2013 to 2015, complaints rose 10 percent. It could be far worse than that, because, according to […]

When it comes to your business’s information technology (IT) needs, hiring a consultant worth his keep is of critical importance. Yet many business owners and managers aren’t familiar with the nuances of IT and mistakenly hire amateurs who claim to be savvy professionals. Here’s how you can distinguish between an IT expert and an amateur. […]

Owners and managers of small- to mid-size accounting firms often feel as though they are at a competitive disadvantage with their larger counterparts. Though you can swing the balance of power in your favor by recruiting “rainmakers” and cutting costs to a certain degree, the best course of action is to tap into contemporary technological […]

Have you turned on your PC recently only to find your operating system totally replaced with a newer, shinier, totally unfamiliar Windows 10 platform? If you’ve been affected by a forced update and you want things to go back to the way they were, you have options. Assuming the upgrade took place within the last […]

Over the past few weeks, countless Windows users have been confronted with an unwanted and often unplanned Windows 10 update. These forced updates have caused major problems, including data loss, workflow interruption and system crashes. Unless you have disabled the update feature, you could be next. Microsoft views the forced update as a courtesy, and […]

Countless Windows 10 users report being duped by the latest Windows 10 upgrade trick: it reportedly causes users to believe they have canceled an update by clicking the familiar red “x” at the top corner of the box. As it turns out, Microsoft had another interpretation for a user’s click of the normally trustworthy red […]

Like every edition of Windows, version 10 offers some important advantages alongside significant drawbacks. Businesses benefit from improved security functions, enhanced tablet compatibility, better update control and a new Web browser. Windows 10 also boots somewhat quicker on most machines. At the same time, this operating system’s disadvantages have made many companies think twice about […]

In the world of information technology, the prevailing method of maintaining functional business operations since the invention of the computer has been an approach called break/fix. This is the traditional IT support method that you are most likely familiar with; a service provider that operates in a similar manner to a home electrician or a […]