Will moving data and apps to the Cloud Cause Business Disruption?

Minimize disruption to your business when moving data and apps to a cloud storage service by following these tired and proven cloud transitioning tips.  

growing number of companies are transitioning some or all of their apps to the cloud and it’s not hard to see why. The cloud offers secure yet easily accessible access to important files, lowers business costs, and makes it easy for you to communicate with clients and suppliers.

In the long run, cloud computing will boost business efficiency. In the short run, there will likely be some disruption to your business as you transition some or all your data to the cloud. The following are some tips to help you address this issue in order to keep your business up and running while upgrading your IT storage and operating systems.

Make a Plan

You don’t have to move all your data and apps to the cloud; in fact, there may be good reasons for storing some data and/or apps on-site. Make a detailed list of all your programs and data files and then decide what files/programs will be moved and what will remain in place.

There are several factors to bear in mind when deciding what to do with your apps and files. These include:

  • Security should be a priority. Will your files be more secure on the cloud or stored on-site? Bear in mind that, generally speaking, cloud storage is more secure than an on-site storage system.
  • Small businesses often don’t need to move all their applications and data to a cloud storage service. Email services and apps that don’t take up too much space can easily remain on-site.
  • Budget is yet another important consideration. While cloud storage is scalable, make sure the amount you start with is affordable for your business.

Avoid Problems When Transitioning

It’s a good idea to inform your customers and suppliers that you will be transitioning to the cloud on a particular day. Doing so will help them understand if you are not able to provide the usual level of customer service or communicate regarding orders, payments, and other information. Additionally, schedule your transition for a slow day, a slow time of day, or a slow season. Doing so will help you minimize loss associated with downtime.

It’s also wise to work with an expert when moving apps and data to the cloud. An experienced IT managed service can ensure the transition moves smoothly and that nothing is lost while being copied or moved. What’s more, an IT service can also protect your files by keeping them encrypted while being moved over the internet. While your cloud storage and on-site storage site are both secure, the files can be breached if you aren’t using a secure network.

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