albany data centerThe Albany Damien Center, Inc., is a Non-Profit organization based in the United States. They have spent the last 25 years serving people who have been affected by HIV and AIDS – and the community has thanked them many times over.

Perry Junjulas is the Executive Director at The Albany Damien Center, and a valued client of The Data Center, LLC for several years. Below, Junjulas will elaborate on his experience while working with us on his IT needs.

A Difficult Change

Upon our arrival, The Albany Damien Center were facing several issues associated with their IT system. Some of their immediate issues included:

  • No SPAM filter for their email system
  • No centralized backup solution in place
  • Their network crashed just prior to our arrival

“We use email and file storage on a daily basis. We rarely use paper anymore so when our systems go down people cant really get any work done.” Says Junjulas.

Back On Their Feet

In an attempt to get their network up and running as quickly as possible and set them up for future protection, we implemented the following new technologies and services:

  • The Data Center’s email SPAM & Virus Protection
  • The Data Center’s Managed Cloud Backup Solution
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Setup new servers and recovered information from old (failed) servers

“Initially we were looking for an IT team that had a lot more availability than the one-man team that we were previously dealing with. And luckily we did because shortly after switching over to their company, our network crashed due to a fire that destroyed our agency and all if its contents. We had to start from scratch and The Data Center worked with us to retrieve our old information but also helping us get new servers, and work with our old server. Their help was critical to us getting back on our feet to serve individuals and families devastated by HIV/AIDS – and they did so very quickly.” Explains Junjulas.

The Final Outcome… But What About You?

We are very pleased to say that the Albany Damien Center is now using a reliable email SPAM & Virus Protection service, Managed Cloud Backup Solution, and have a disaster recovery plan in place that will protect them from any future breaches.

“Their service has been a 10 out of 10 in terms of their responsiveness. They’re big enough that they know what they’re doing, but small enough that we’re talking to a real person. They know our budget, business and goals – we’ve been very impressed with the level of service we receive from The Data Center.” Says Junjulas.