Apple released a statement regarding the security content of iOS 10.1 on October 24 which breaks down the various security-flaw patches relating to Apple iOS 10 facets and apps the platform contains or works with.  The statement centers on Apple security updates and references the iPhone, iPad, or iPod versions the patches are available for, […]

Don’t upgrade your mobile device to Apple iOS 10 just yet if you prefer PPTP connections for VPN. Apple iOS 10 does not support PPTP VPN connections nor will the pass-through work whilst tethering off a phone. This is the VPN method many use to access their systems externally, especially for Windows users, so for […]

These days, most of your business likely exists in a purely digital format. The software, applications, and data that make up the bulk of your daily tasks and interactions with clients are created and stored on computers and servers. This offers a level of organization and ease of access that lets your staff work efficiently, […]

Last month a new ransomware strain appeared called “Cry” or “CryLocker,” which uses PNG, or Portable Network Graphic image files to record target users’ information such as the encrypted files themselves, as well as their location, and then uploads an image of this data to an album on image-sharing sites such as CryLocker was […]

Configuring a mapped network drive to connect to SharePoint Online is a quick and easy way to use Windows Explorer to drag files into libraries, create folders, move and copy files, and delete multiple files at the same time. There are a few steps you’ll need to go through to get SharePoint set up, and […]

When you speak to your IT partner, security is generally one of the first topics that will come up. And with good reason. If your business isn’t properly protected against outside threats, you stand to lose everything. Downtime doesn’t just result in a momentary loss of productivity; it often leads to a snowball effect that […]