How You Can Mitigate It Many startups and small and medium-sized businesses believe they are at a disadvantage when it comes to protecting their companies from IT downtime. They are not in a position financially to have a robust IT function as part of their organization. In fact, IT tasks may fall to a clerical […]

Confusing Policies Leave Businesses On the Hook for Extra Licensing Fees Oracle’s aggressive auditing practices have lately garnered the attention of law firms and tech companies alike—each concerned with the ambiguities and uncertainties of certain licensing protocols of the Oracle License Management Services division. Most notably, the company has become quite well-known for its propensity […]

Before laptops, music players and smart phones, Microsoft was strictly a software company, making a name for itself by building the operating system of choice for IBM’s personal computer. As the decades passed and the market evolved, Microsoft has released new patches, updates and even new operating systems. But lately, each major new iteration has […]

Anyone who has ever looked forward to a new release of Apple’s iPhone knows how much the company likes to keep things close to the vest. The level of secrecy swirling around each new release has gotten so bad that even accessory manufacturers don’t know anything until it is announced to the public. For every […]