If your PC is running Windows and also has QuickTime for PC by Apple installed, you need to know something. On April 14, 2016, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT), a division of the United States Department of Homeland Security, announced that, based on a report from Trend Micro Security, owners of Windows-based […]

Wednesday, April 27th, known as Administrative Professionals Day, presents an opportunity for you to show your appreciation to the administrative professionals who make your business a success. The event was first celebrated in 1952 by the United States Department of Commerce and was referred to as National Secretaries Week. Wednesday of that week soon became […]

Many Windows XP users were unhappy with the next release of the operating system, Windows Vista, and they refused to upgrade. Though versions since Vista have evidently taken consumers’ concerns into account, a significant number of devices ‒ out of the more than 1 billion in existence, according to Windows ‒ are still using Windows […]

Division among federal agencies concerning encryption is at least partially responsible for the Obama administration’s reluctance to neither oppose nor support legislation that makes it easier for judges to force technology companies like Apple to offer assistance to law enforcement agencies as they interpret encrypted data. Bipartisan legislation from Dianne Feinstein, a leading Democrat in […]

I came across a video interview recently that touched on the topic of strategic thinking in information technology. The interview was conducted at this year’s World Health Care Congress in Washington DC, but the point longtime CIO Dr. Mansur Hasib makes applies to all sectors of business, not just healthcare. Dr. Hasib argues that all […]

Data backup is a requirement, especially when managing sensitive information. If primary versions of the data are lost, backup systems can recover the information. Server virtualization is emerging as an excellent option in disaster recovery due to its lower cost and improved recovery times. The chance of a massive systems failure is the top priority […]

The Chief Information Officer of a company, usually referred to as the CIO, is responsible for strategic IT planning, analysis, and overall information technology management. However, employing someone in this executive level position is normally not feasible for small and midsize companies due to limited budgetary resources. Due to the rapidly changing nature of technology, […]

Email is perhaps the most popular and most important means of communication for any business in any country in just about any industry. Email is one of the unifying factors that brings all industries together and gives them a common thread. This is why email is one of the most frequently hacked, frequently manipulated, and […]