Why Internal Technology Resources Hide Issues from Their Manager Regardless of your industry, technology is what keeps your business running smoothly and effectively – whether it’s to provide mobility with business communication tools or increase productivity by reducing the risk of disruption. Sometimes when you’re dealing with an internal technology resource rather than an outsourced […]

Smart TV’s are quickly becoming the household smart gadget of choice over the past couple years- and rightly so, they’re amazing. They come couch potato ready with free and subscription entertainment services such as Netflix, Crackle, and YouTube, already built in, and the majority of Smart TV’s are even able to run Android apps as […]

Technology evolves at a rapid rate, yet so many businesses continue to run out, outdated systems that cost them tons in maintenance and support, not to mention productivity loss and wasted payroll dollars as employees struggle to get work done. We know it’s easy to find yourself holding onto old junk, but updating your technology […]

An operating system by Juniper Networks, used to manage firewalls, contained unauthorized code. This poses multiple security threats to any platform or product that is running ScreenOS 6.2Or18 and 6.3Or12 through 6.3Or20. A security bulletin released by the company stated that the origins of the unauthorized code have yet to be determined, and is said […]

During recent years we have all witnessed how technology has transformed the practice of law.  Not only have we seen changes to business models, work methods, and client services, but also a tangential shift has occurred wherein legal and IT professionals are actively and effectively working together for e-discovery planning, reviews, and various requests responses […]