We all know that downloading suspicious files is a good way to get a virus, but hackers are now able to disguise a file to make it seem harmless. They do this by changing or hiding the extension of the file. What’s a file’s extension? The extension is simply the three digit code at the […]

HUGE Hack Stole Confidential Information T-Mobile server has been hacked with attackers taking away with the personal data of over 15 million people. The data collected spans from September 1st 2013 to September 16th 2015, which is when the attack occurred. The company has yet to launch an investigation claiming that the main priority is […]

Have You Downloaded Any of These Apps! If you think that all of the apps on your phone are safe, think again. Recently, Apple admitted that literally dozens of apps have been affected with malware that is more than capable of obtaining your personal information, including your passwords and login information. Below is a list […]

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Secure File Sharing Allows You to Take Advantage of the Cloud Without Compromising Sensitive Data In today’s increasingly mobile business environment, you need to ensure your staff members are communicating and collaborating with ease – from colleagues to partners to customers, everyone expects simple, efficient methods of communicating; and with secure file sharing via the […]

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